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All in print Delmark Records are always available!

And that includes all available Delmark LPs!.


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NOTE: This web site contains the items we regularly carry. Some items may be temporarily sold-out or have been discontinued without our knowledge. You will not be charged for any item that is unavailable.

Coming up at the store...

Sunday @ 2pm, November 22 for the FREE In Store performance with "Folk-Funk" multi-instrumentalist BOBBY RUSH as he celebrates the release of his highly anticipated Omnivore Recordings box set

We'll have many exclusive releases for Black Friday Record Store Day, November 27th

If you're just starting your jazz collection, check out our Killers page, full of essential items from all areas & eras.

And here are our 2014 year-end Top Ten Staff Picks in jazz & blues.

We always carry all available items from Delmark Records, and other labels available through Delmark such as Triangle, Jump and Sackville.

See our many sales in our newsletter, Rhythm & News. You can subscribe to our quarterly paper newsletter by filling out this form, and/or for our monthly email here. The latest issue, #742 is available in PDF format.

One sale in that issue is on multi-album sets of classic jazz & blues from Avid.

You can buy (and give!) Jazz Record Mart gift certificates.

Some of our collectible items are also available at our eBay store.

For the format-oriented, here's an alpha-by-artist list of over 2,000 LP titles we have for sale. Jazz & Blues, classic & modern. All are unplayed, shrinkwrapped items.

We also have all in-print LPs by Delmark Records.

We have dozens of cool jazz t-shirts & blues t-shirts available!

Blues & Jazz books too!

Here are some recommended Chicago Jazz CDs.


JRM's stock is constantly fluctuating as is the availability of the items we carry, and it's presently impossible for our web site to keep up. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and are working to reduce such problems in the future.


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